Rejistu ONG Internasionál

Registration Criteria for International NGOs to became a member of FONGTIL

  1. Founding Declaration of NGO
    •    Copy Visa (Type Employer)
    •    Recommendation from Organization in your Country
  2. Constitution of NGO (first version Tetum Language and Second version English Language)
  3. Structure of NGO
  4. NGO Office Address /Map of NGO Office
  5. Action Plan for the forthcoming year (One Year)
  6. Partnership with a minimum of 2 (two) Local / National NGOs.
  7. Recommendation Letter from 2 NGOs registered at FONGTIL
  8. Recommendation Letter from Focal Point of FONGTIL in Municipality
  9. Registration Fee / Administration Fee $ 50.00)
  10. Contribution member fee for one (1) year $ 300.00 or monthly member fee of $ 25.00
  11. Registration / Administration fee $25.00, Contribution member fee for one year (12 months x Member fee, 50.00+300.00+25.00=$735.00, will be pay after the registration process is complete, you can pay directly at the FONGTIL Secretariat.
  12. Secretariat FONGTIL will be contacting in 2 weeks after to participate a panel.

If you need more information please to contact on Mobile or Email :


+670 78318511 or email


+670 7723 6782  or email :